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Born in England


Graham Marchant is a Sydney-based artist who resides and works in Balmain having relocated here from England in 1981. Trained in the UK, gaining a BA and MA both at honours level, he gained his PhD from Newcastle University, Australia, in 2012. He has been the recipient of a number of awards and artist residencies over the years both in Australia and in Paris, Italy, Spain, The United Kingdom, New York, Vermont and Florida. He has held over twenty-five one-person exhibitions and participated in over seventy significant group exhibitions. Marchant's work is held in numerous collections including The National Gallery of Australia, Art Bank and new Pariament House Canberra.


Graham's principal mediums are painting (oil and watercolour) drawing and printmaking. Using a lifetime collection of objects and textiles, Graham constructs an environment belying the casual clutter of collected memento mori from life and nature.  The interplay of light, colour, pattern and the meticulously placed objects, are now recognisably Marchant's own.

Graham Marchant Rome SN 439.JPG
Graham Marchant Reflected Lights with Bl
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