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Born in c. 1940, Died 2007

Region: Fitzroy Crossing

State: Western Australia

Language: Walmajarri

Nancy Noonju began painting in 1993 under the guidance of Kevin Kelly the arts Co-ordinator at Waringarri Aboriginal Arts and then continued to paint with Kevin when Red Rock Art was established in 1997.


Nancy's dedicated approach to her work has seen her reputation as a fine painter escalate, and her work is well respected within the arts industry. Inspired by her cultural dreaming of Wind and Water, using natural Kimberley ochres, Nancy's work has developed to be highly individualistic. Her early painting style was extremely strong, but in later years she favoured the softer toning’s in ochre, always depicting her desert homelands.


Nancy has exhibited with the best of the Senior Ochre artists of the Kimberley. Selected exhibitions include:


2000 Worldvision Indigenous Programs, at Stonington Mansion, Malvern

2000 Bett Gallery, Hobart 2000 Ben Grady Gallery, Fyshwick, ACT

2000 High on Art, Melbourne2000 Redback Art, Brisbane

2003 Kimberley Aboriginal Art, selected works by Billy Thomas, Billy Duncan, Nancy Noonju, Nellie Gordon and Ruby Packsaddle, Depot Gallery, Sydney

2005 Cowara House, Cowaramup, WA

2005 Nancy Noonju, Recent paintings, John Gordon Gallery, Coffs Harbour, NSW

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