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Madeleine WINCH

Born in Melbourne, 1950

Madeleine Winch was born in Melbourne and studied at the National Art School in Sydney from 1965 – 67.  She has had more than twenty three solo exhibitions in Australia since 1978 and has participated in numerous Group Exhibitions achieving national and international success.  She has been a finalist in major award exhibitions including the Dobell and Sulman Art Prize  at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Portia Geach Memorial Award where she was highly commended in 1996, Viewers Choice in 1996 and 1997, Commended in 1997.  She was winner of the Kedumba Drawing Award in 2004.  Winch is represented in Regional Galleries around Australia and some University collections.  She has also exhibited in Noumea, France, China, Chile, New Zealand and USA. 


Her bold figurative works feature mostly female subjects who appear as strong sculptural forms embodying such emotions as fear, love, loss and loneliness.  Her canvases are  a synthesis of her thoughts and feelings drawn from memories, travel and an imaginary world.  A  sense of beauty and serenity pervades her work.  Winch says that she has long admired and been inspired by  the work of French 19C  naïve artist Henri Rousseau.    

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