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Born Sydney 1950


Born to Russian/Australian parents, who were both commercial artists, Greg Hyde has developed a style combining his love of the European tradition with an insightful use of the natural features and the cultural phenomena of traditional and modern Australia to create a personal, and characteristically whimsical iconography.


Greg has had one man exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane and regularly participates in Group Exhibitions throughout Australia.  He has exhibited in the Wynne and Archibald Prizes and his work is represented in many Australian and overseas collections.


Greg's comments on life, the universe and "thanks for all the fish" moments are positively satisfying.  Humour that constantly and repeatedly amuses is rare, and this talent is Greg's.  His work has a depth of intellectualism and a well-read vision that suggests more, much more, than what is quickly observed.  A visual twitter that grabs attention, suggests more than it reads, and virtually permeates within the mind as the subtlety of reference and meanings are revealed.

Greg Hyde Midnight Scruples SN207.JPG

Greg Hyde, "Midnight Scruples,"silkscreen and mixed media, 64 x47cm

Greg Hyde The About Face SN 505.JPG
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