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Poly Ngala

Born in c. 1940

Region: Utopia

State: Northern Territory

Language: Anmatyerre

Polly Ngala was born in 1940 into the Anmatyarr tribe. She was married to Ray Yeramba (deceased) and now lives at Camel Camp on Utopia with her family and sisters, Kathleen Ngala, Maisy Ngala and Angeline Pwerle Ngala.


Polly began her artistic career in batik, like many of the women in Utopia, before venturing into painting with acrylic paints on canvas. She often assisted her sister Kathleen and also the late Emily Kngwarreye Kame with whom she shared the same country. Arlparra is her country from her father’s side and her mother came from Ngwelay, commonly known as Kurrajong Bore.


Together with her sisters, Polly is a senior custodian of the Bush Plum (Arnwekety) Dreaming. Polly depicts the Bush Plum and its effects on her country. She often depicts the topography in shades of reds, oranges and yellows reflecting the varying seasonal palette. Like her sister Kathleen, she builds up layer upon layer of colour creating a multi-dimensional effect to reveal the Bush Plum (Ankwekety) - and her country - Alparra in all its glory.


Polly's work is held in many collections and her work has been hung in numerous exhibitions, both here and overseas.

Polly Ngala Bush Plum Dreaming SN 537 (2
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