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Born in NSW Australia 1955


Simpson is a contemporary painter in oil, acrylic and collage.  He has often been regarded by his peers, and those acquiring his work, as the best traditional realist landscape painter in the country. Robert (Bob) is hung in private collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Lebanon and United Kingdom and has received numerous awards.

But 1985 was a watershed year for Simpson, with the birth of his son, his concerns for the rape of the natural environment by elements of society and a reading of that second all important book, Desiderius Orban’s  “What is Art All About?” conspired to propel Simpson into an artistic parallel universe of abstracted landscape representation.

Simpson now interprets the contemporary landscape and the continuing effects that humankind is having on it.  His visually appealing and metaphor ridden imagery is the tangible result of a deep thinking and caring ideology that drives the artist in his work. He is reaching for an image without imagery, just the vestige or the residue of imagery, while still producing something interesting to look at. Bob states that for some years he has been interested in a form of neurotic realism relating to the expanding human condition set in an altered or depleted landscape.

Robert Simpson The Last Link SN 213 (4).
Robert Simpson Stormy Weather Broken Hea
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