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Born in Melbourne 1956



Peter Ferguson studied in Melbourne (at the Victorian College of the Arts), Europe and Asia. An expressionist painter and stained glass designer, he has exhibited since 1989 in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. His paintings are held in collections at the National Gallery of Australia, Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Sir William Dobell Foundation, Sydney among others.


In 1982 a group of young, eager and rebellious artists opened one of Melbourne's earliest artist-run-galleries - Roar Studios, in a former shoe factory on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Peter was one of the founding members. The artists' medium of choice was paint and they used it in a ''raw'' and primitive style. They were railing against the hard-edged abstraction, minimalism and conceptualism of the times, and were ''roaring'' against the art establishment.


Peter has a distinctive naïve style that combines a riot of childlike human figures, birds, trees and buildings, bound in incredibly bright colours. Each canvas has a rich life of its own, and is totally engaging in its charming complexity.

Peter Ferguson Early Morning Horse Ride
Peter Ferguson Moments in Time SN 472.JP
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